Nohoval Z




The Holsteiner Verband stallion keeping has always been called for to keep the balance between supporting own Holsteiner genetics and purchasing the odd stallion carrying successful outside blood show jumping genes. The recent past has reconfirmed the insight that the hereditary qualities of certain foundation mares are of utmost importance in these outside blood stallions.
The purchase of Nixon son Nohoval, one of the most interesting stallion candidates of the preselection to the Müster-Handorf stallion licensing, was based on this insight. The chestnut stallion’s impressive performance left no room for doubt with regard to his athletic quality. That is why the Holsteiner Verband secured the first purchase option – competing with the best experts on the international jumping stallion scene and supported by Fiete Mehrens, a Holsteiner sport and breeding expert.
Nohoval embodies a bunch of good qualities: big frame, very good top-line, excellent withers, as well as three basic gaits characterized by energy, rhythm, and carrying power. Just backed, his rideability has already become obvious. Nohoval’s most distinctive quality is his jumping. Always forward, with a powerful take-off and always displaying very good technique.

Considerations for breeding
The past years have definitely shown that it is very important to pay attention to consistent type and movement when introducing outside genes. This means he should be bred to mares known to reliably pass on these qualities. In view of Nohoval’s own reliable damline, he is definitely expected to pass on size, top-line, strength, and jumping quality.

namn: Nohoval Z
Liv Nummer: BEL015Z55613119
storlek: 171 cm
station: allt
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Uppfödare: Equi-Lima, Zomergem
ägare:Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH, Elmshorn


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